Hunt Library


Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Year: 2010

Hunt Library


Carnegie Mellon University


The overall concept for lighting the Hunt Library was to bring out the elegance of the aluminum structure, create a warm welcome by lighting the canopy entrance, stay respectful to the library as a place of work, but also acknowledge the vibrancy of Carnegie Mellon’s campus at night.  There are three categories of lighting:

 1. The every night look

 2. Special event and celebratory lighting

 3. Special holiday lighting


The Every Night Look:

The static lighting starts with white light and then slowly changes to dark blue and rainbow colors over the course of an hour.  The quick rainbow streak is a playful touch to wake up the students who are studying late into the night.


Special Event and Celebratory Lighting:

This lighting is used for special events such as graduation and is meant to showcase the building as public art that is dynamically changing with unlimited combinations of scrolling colors and visual displays.


Special Holiday Lighting:

There are 20 holiday shows programmed with unique lighting.  Some examples include Christmas, Hanukkah, Fourth of July and Valentine’s Day.



Philips Color Kinetics Showcase of Hunt Library lighting:





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