LED Street Light Research Project

C & C Lighting was a member of the Remaking Cities Institute Research team to advise the City of Pittsburgh on changing over to LED Street lighting.

In the the next five to ten years, the City of Pittsburgh hopes to replace all existing street lighting fixtures with light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures. This conversion to LED technology will generate savings of approximately $1.7 million dollars annually in energy and maintenance costs while simultaneously reducing carbon dioxide emissions by almost 7 million metric tons annually. The Remaking Cities Institute was approached by the City in December 2010 to research best practices of LED street lighting conversion.  This study focuses on the conversion of 3,100 street lights in the thirty business districts of the City.  Three business district typologies were selected for detailed study: Fifth and Forbes Avenue in Downtown; East Carson Street on the South Side; and California Avenue in Brighton Heights.  In addition to these business districts, the RCI team studied four existing street lighting fixture types for conversion to LED: cobra head, shoebox, acorn, and pendant fixtures. 

LED Street Light Research Project final report.