About Us

C & C Lighting, LLC was founded in 2003 as a partnership of two talented and versatile lighting designers. Cindy Limauro and Christopher Popowich combine experience in lighting that spans across the US, Canada, UK, Europe and Asia. They design for architecture, theater, opera, dance, entertainment and light as public art.


C & C Lighting is dedicated to bringing each client the highest quality of artistry. From concept to finished design, they are attentive to every detail of the process.  As a company, C & C Lighting believes in creating a strong vision through collaboration and communication.

"The process of lighting design starts with my emotional response to the story, whether it is expressed through text, music or dance. It then becomes a collaboration with the director and the design team to create something together that we couldn’t have achieved individually. I love how the magic of light takes the audience on a journey that they don’t always see but they passionately feel."

"Lighting an Opera, Theatre, or Dance piece for me is creating unique worlds utilizing light. I take the colour I have in my imagination and like paint I brush it across the scenery and costumes on the stage to create my worlds. They can range from realistic, to surrealism, to total fantasy and everything in between. I am a painter with light."




Contact Information

Phone: 412.243.4613 info@cclightingdesign.com